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Characteristics and Composition POLYTUNG NiBWC is a high quality tungsten carbide metal cored wire ideal for protecting your equipment in the harshest environments. When welded this material has excellent fine particle erosion and corrosion resistance.

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DURMAT® Tungsten Carbide Cored Wires are special pre-alloyed tube wire filled with grained Fused Tungsten Carbide (FTC) or Spherical Fused Tungsten Carbide (SFTC). The pre-alloyed tube matrix is configured in Iron, Nickel, Nickel-Chrome, Nickel-Iron and Cobalt.

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Tungsten Carbide (P) is a cored wire specifically designed for arc spray systems. It produces a superior hard, well bonded coating that is abrasive. CHEMICAL COMPOSITION W% C% Cr% Mo% Fe% 30 2.5 3 0.75 Bal Typical Deposit Characteristics Hardness

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Ferro Alloys, Cored Wire, Aluminium Alloys, Ores & Minerals, Non Ferrous Metals/ Minor Metals, Inoculant, Nodulizer, Iron & Steel, Abrasives, Ayush (Industrials Oils) - Shree Bajrang Sales Private Limited As a renowned company, we present a wide product range

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Flux-cored wire electrodes chemical resistant: MAG joint welding Flux-cored wire electrodes: MAG and submerged arc (50 HRC) with angular tungsten carbides in a ratio of 40/60; increase in hardness by dispersion of tungsten carbide in the matrix for

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Our wide range of specialized surface hard-facing materials includes: Tungsten Carbide Rods for oxyacetylene welding / Tungsten Carbide Tubular and Flexible “floppy rods” for extreme wear / Nickel, Cobalt or Iron based Flux Cored Wire / FCAW wires / Tungsten

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Die, Cored Nib The nib, a cylindrical bushing with an inside contour design for wiredrawing, is made of a hard material, such as tungsten carbide or diamond that …

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Key Products Ag Cu Ni Sn Other Melting Range C AMS AWS A5.8 EN1044:1999 ISO 17672:2016 Product Info Silver Brazing Alloys - For Stainless Steel Joints Exposed to Aqueous Service Conditions Meta-Braze 463 63 28.5 2.5 6-690-800 4774 BAg-21-Ag 463

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FLUX-CORED WIRES NIFD Series Features: TFY-NIFD is a flux core wire filled with fused tungsten carbide and NiCrBSi- matrix for semi-automatic welding appliion. It was developed to protect surfaces against extreme abrasive wear in coination with corrosion

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Tungsten Carbide Wire Drawplate 52 Holes for Jewelry Making Round 0.26-4.00mm dg $27 .31 shipping: + $2.48 shipping 30 Square Holes Tungsten Carbide Steel Drawplate For Jewelry Making

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Tungsten Carbide tubular wire for maximum resistance to abrasion. Tungsten Carbide Fe base 2600 Knoop WC particles Data Sheet 161 MC Designed to coat abrasion and corrosion at aient temperatures. WC in a 430

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The cored wire consists of a metal sheath, usually nickel, that is wrapped around a powder center containing tungsten carbide… Flux-cored Arc Welding FCAW is a flexible, conventional weld overlay process where a cored wire is fed through an electric arc to create a weld deposit on the base material.

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The wire was made by Tungsten Carbide(WC) particles as core. MIG welding was used to surface iron-based WC wearable composite coating of different size and content of WC particles on mild steel. Microstructure was investigated. Surface rigidity and wear

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Qinghe Sheng Teng Welding Materials Co., Ltd. is a variety of wear-resistant electrode, wear-resistant wire, surfacing electrode, surfacing wire, alloy wear powder, tungsten carbide tube welding electrodes, cobalt-based electrode, cobalt-based wire, Flux-cored wire

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Classifiion Nickel-based cored wire, tungsten carbide filled Chemistry 50.8W 45Ni 2.4C 1.8B Manufacture Flux-cored wire Carbide Hardness 1700 – 3100 HV0.1 Deposit Hardness * 50 – 65 HRC (1st pass) Weld Deposit Density 12.2 g / cm 3 Purpose Wear

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A Tungsten Carbide Matrix Wire for Extreme Abrasion & Light Impact Description Postalloy® PS-98 is a metal-cored, triple deoxidized, iron base hardfacing matrix wire, alloyed with chromium and

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truly outstanding multi-wear wire. 7::0!5 Metal-cored, open arc ˜(Extreme Abrasion and Impact Matrix Weld Deposit 60-65Rc, Tungsten Carbide 70+ Rc An open-arc ˜03 overlay that utilizes a specially formulated tungsten carbide to produce a “highly [˘ ˝ ˝ ˝ ˝ ˝ $


Wear Plates And Parts Chromium Carbide Overlay Plate Tungsten Carbide Wear Plate Clad Pipe Chromium Carbide Overlay Pipe Bimetal Clad Elbow Chromium Carbide Welding Wire Extended service lifetimes on high-wear surfaces become a reality with WALDUN


High abrasion-resistant Technodur® and Technosphere® rope products are constructed with a nickel wire core and a thick layer of Tungsten Carbide and Ni-Cr-B-Si alloy. Deposit thickness of the rope ranges from 2mm-10mm, packaged in 20kg reels. The

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Tung Carbide is a cored wire specifically designed for arc spray systems. It is a titanium and tungsten carbide alloy in an amorphous matrix. Tung Carbide produces a hard, abrasive and corrosion resistant coating, with a service environment of up to 1000° F. Tung Carbide is used in a wide variety of industrial high wear appliions.It can equivalent to Tafa 97 MXC, Duocor.

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Cored Wire Series To reduce nozzle clogging;calcium in steel after another,long strips of sulfide inclusions can be avoided. To improve the steel Of anisotropy View Products Details Cored Wire Injection Cored wire injection is an automated method of One of

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Shop for King Tool Scribes, Econo Scribe, 4 1/2 in, Tungsten Carbide, Straight Point, 1/EA at AFT Fasteners. Low Prices. Fast Shipping.


· Tungsten carbide rods for oxy-acetylene welding · Nickel, cobalt and iron based flux cored wire · FCAW wires with tungsten carbide and complex carbides to provide extremely hard and tough coatings, used principially for extreme wear appliions

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cored wire products including chrome carbide, complex carbides and tungsten carbides; stick weld material loaded with carbides; and tungsten carbide laden Teflon ® sheet overlays traditionally used for high abrasion environments.