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ER4043 is the most common wire type chosen for all-purpose work. It is a stiffer wire that is used when higher-strength weld properties are needed. Before welding, use a stainless steel wire brush and clean the aluminum to assist removal of the oxide layer. MIG Wire Feeding: Aluminum Welding The best wire feeding for aluminum is done with a

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Welding Equipment, Accessories, & Supplies Store . MATHESON Select 4043 Alloy Stick Wire (GTAW) (TIG) - Choose Box Weight & Wire Diameter. USD $0.00 USD $0.00. Choose Options. MATHESON Select 5356 Alloy Stick Wire (GTAW) (TIG) - Choose Box Weight and Wire Diameter. USD $0.00. Choose Options. MATHESON Select MS6000 Aluminum Electrode - 1


ER5356 should be considered for welding 5000 series aluminum base metals. Typical Appliions: welding filler wire AWS Class: ER 5356 Certifiion: AWS A5.10/ A5.10M:1999 Alloy: ER5356 AWS/ASME SFA A5.10 ER4043 - is a general purpose type aluminum welding wire.

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May 07, 2012· I also have a 350P. After TIG welding aluminum for years with a Dynasty 200 DX, I have found MIG a bit difficult to get used to. My Alumapro gun came set up for .047" wire. I use 5356 only, as most of my welding is for boats and I am often welding 5086. 5356 seems to work fine.

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5556 is a stronger version of 5356. The 5000 series alloys have the highest corrosion resistance. Marine aluminum is 5052 or 5086 plate welded with 5356 or 5556 filler. The best filler for most castings is 4047. It has twice the silicon of 4043 so it has a lower melting temp, less shrinkage and better wetting.

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The 1 pound spools shown in this welding video are available in either 4043 or 5356 alloy and other alloys too, but these 2 are the most commonly used. 5356 is a bit stiffer and is easier to feed. It is commonly used for mig welding 5052 aluminum. But the 4043 wets out better and generally gets less porosity. 5356 is also slightly stronger.

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Harris'' 4043 aluminum alloy is a 5% silicon alloy used to weld heat treatable base alloys. It is most often used to weld the 6XXX series of alloys. The silicon addition improves puddle fluidity, producing an appealing bead profile. It is less crack sensitive on the 6XXX series than other welding alloys.

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High-quality, precision wound 5356 alloy aluminum wire. Use Alcotec aluminum wire with your HTP Pro Pulse 200 or any other MIG welding machine which requires high quality wire. Please note: To utilize the hot start and crater fill functions available on your Pro Pulse 200 when using this wire, you also need to use a slider hand control.

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Haven''t used it yet, but it was designed as a better alternative (higher strength, easier to use) to 4043. Hobart Bros. (ITW) took over Maxal in 2010, and put out a new aluminum welding guide with a page or two on Maxal 4943, and were supposed to include more info in another revision in June, 2014.

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Feb 25, 2019· Alloys such as 6061 will undergo solidifiion cracking if welded without filler metal. Furthermore, the correct filler material must be selected. For instance, welding a 6061 alloy with a 6061 filler metal will result in weld failure. Instead, a 5356 or 4043 aluminum filler metal should be used when welding a 6061 base material.

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5356 aluminium alloy is an alloy in the wrought aluminium-magnesium family (5000 or 5xxx series). Unlike most aluminium-magnesium alloys, it is primarily used as welding filler. It is one of the most popular aluminium filler alloys, alongside 4043. It possesses relatively high strength, but at the expense of being more vulnerable to cracking.

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Qualified to AWS A5.10 ER4043, ABS, ISO Designation AISi5. 4043 is an all position 5% silicon alloy used to weld heat treatable base alloys. It is most often used to weld the 6XXX series of alloys. The silicon addition improves puddle fluidity, producing an appealing bead profile.

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ALLOY 5356 WELD DATA SHEET TYPICAL APPLIIONS Welding Filler Wire GENERAL INFORMATION AlcoTec Wire Corporation 2750 Aero Park Dr., Traverse City, MI 49686-9263 U.S.A. 1-800-228-0750 FAX: 231-941-9154 Typical Semiautomatic GMA Procedures for Fillet and Lap Welding Aluminum DC(EP)3 Base1 DC(EP)

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20- 1LB SPOOLS PER CARTON FOR THIS PRICE. GREAT VALUE ! Top Features General purpose filler alloy for 5XXX series alloys Typical Appliions Automotive bumpers and supports Structural frames in the shipbuilding industry Bicycle frames Forme

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Alcotec ALMIGWELD 4043 aluminum MIG wire by ESAB. Alloy 4043 is one of the oldest and most widely used welding alloys. Almigweld 4043 can be classified as a general purpose type filler alloy. The silicon additions result in improved fluidity (wetting action) to …

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May 31, 2020· I may be a little weird, but I buy 5356 wire instead of 4043 for most appliions. 4043 is much more common but a lot softer and tends to nest up a lot easier. Unless the part is needing to resist quite a bit of heat, the harder 5356 goes through the gun …

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Find Lincoln Electric MIG Aluminium Welding Wire - Superglaze SUPERGLAZE 4043 ALUMINUM MIG WIRE (16# spool) - ED032395 Add to Cart. Free Shipping LINCOLN - SUPERGLAZE 5356 ALUMINUM MIG WIRE .035 DIA. 16LB SPOOL - ED028385 . Special Price $107.34 $131.68.

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Home / Filler Metals / Welding Wire / Aluminum Solid Wire: ER5356 / Aluminum Solid Wire: ER5356. Aluminum Solid Wire: ER5356 ER 5356: 1440-0456: 1 lb..030″ ER 4043: For aluminum MIG welding; Best when used with a clean or prepared welding surface;

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Hobart ER 4043 Aluminum TIG Wire 1/16" X 36" 10 Lb Box - FREE SHIPPING - Welding Supplies from IOC Hobart ER 4043 Aluminum TIG Wire 1/16" X 36" 10 Lb Box for sale - Welding Supplies from IOC JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.

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Jan 08, 2003· In applying standard recommendations for GMAW 1/4” aluminum with 3/64” 5000 series filler wire I get a lot of incomplete weld fusion. My question is, what wire speeds are actually being used in production welding 1/4” thick plates of 6061-T6 in T-joints with 1/4” fillet welds, using 3/64” 5356 and 5556 filler wires, and argon gas?

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Metallurgically, the 4043 is a softer material than 5356 and has a lower tensile strength. In the HAZ there is solutioning that occurs thus the strength of the 6061-T6 material is diluted by the temper reduction from welding as well as the lower strength of the 4043 filler material.

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Grainger carries a large stock of MIG welding wire and flux core welding wire to meet your welding needs, including aluminum, carbon steel, copper-coated mild steel, stainless steel and more. Choose from various diameters of wire for different welders and welding projects. You’ll also find flux-cored welding wire (FCAW) here.

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Praxair’s ProStar™ premium aluminum welding wire and weld wire feed systems can help you reduce downtime, minimize overwelding and protect weld quality. Reduce Arc Wander and Overwelding. Standard welding wire’s cast and helix can lead to uneven wear on gun consumables, which causes excessive arc wander and affects weld quality.

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